My Work

I enjoy writing poetry to inspire and entertain. Topics range from dating, romance and marriage to war, animals and daily life.


I am delighted that my poem ‘Milk’ was listed in ‘The Top 100 Poems’ in The Poetry For Good competition. 



Fridge doors across the land 


Milk bottles rattle: 

Battle cries 

Against an unknown foe   

Actions carried out by hands belonging to 

People not feeble in the face of fear

Never defeated , 

They don’t plan on starting now     

Milk jugs in staff kitchens  

Replenished by morning 

A conjuring trick! 

Or humans weaving hard-won magic? 

Kettles flicked on 

by determined volunteers, 

Interpreters working all hours 

Untangling words even they don’t understand   

Explaining the unexplainable unknown  

Soothing scared strangers who ‘don’t understand’  

Nobody does. 

There are no leaflets to give out    

But you can’t misunderstand fear 

It floors us, momentarily. 

Then we get up and fight

In hospitals,

mop buckets wage war 

Against infection 

Preoccupied people 


down corridors 

On floors that gleam

Not giving their cleanliness a thought 

But somebody’s done the backbreaking work 

No child, cuddling ted, ever said: 

‘Mummy, when I grow up I want to work for minimum wage

Do the grimiest job for no glory.  

Be an extra in someone else’s story’ 

But they do:  

in buildings, factories  

Places you don’t even know    


Cutlery in canteens gleams 

Taps don’t leak in toilets where 

Staff stare at haunted reflections 

Gathering thoughts


For the onslaught 

‘I’ll put the kettle on’ 

The mantra of anyone in crisis

That unofficial remedy for shock/when there’s nothing to be done

Mugs of (enter your beverage of choice here) 

Made with precision and   

The grim determination of someone who wishes they weren’t there 

Witnessing in slow motion the thudding sadness of tragic theatre   

Attempting to crack heartbreaking silence with 

jokes and facts everyone knows 

Hollow laughter juxtaposed 

With crying  

Drinks poured into inappropriate mugs passed as 

Liquid hugs (contact prohibited)  

When we need to connect:

Eyes sadly smiling  


‘I know’

A nurse takes the beverage with shaking hands 

Sugar spins like his mind

Milk flows in  

He sips and grins

A liquid gift 

From an army of female workers who don’t get paid 

Ruminating stars of The Milk Show,  

Ensuring millions of exhausted employees don’t go off 

to work without milk in their tea or cereal bowl 

Cows’ bodies map their story   

Trace their tales 

Beyond borders  

Key workers in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales   

Farmers too,

Slice through their own dreams  

To keep milk flowing  

Delivered to doorsteps on milkmens’ whistles 

By drivers on missions 

Stacked by (very) supermarket staff  

Key workers walk with bags of dreams 

To jobs that often don’t seem to live up to the 

Aspirations they once scrawled on school books 

Commuting past houses  

They can’t afford to look at 

Let alone rent in the communities they serve  

But still they 

Rebuild societies shredded by fear 

Rescue those whose bubbles have burst  

When the highest paid people in the land don’t have the solutions 

Or the ‘quick fixes’ we’re used to, 

Those on the ground plod on  

Not loud or showy 

Keeping hopes of others alive

Tending wounds 

As if it’s nothing, 

When it’s…

Stepping over fear

Wading through tears 

Embracing us with caring arms…




The place for cheese is inside sandwiches and has no place in speeches, but you must forgive me for I cannot resist just a bit.

The thing is, when you entered my life, you made it begin [and this is where that cheese creeps in], meeting you was like discovering when you were a child, that the world actually spins and does not remain still.

When I first saw you, it was like breathing in,

As if I had only ever breathed out my entire life

So I may not be an astronaut, living out childhood dreams,

Or be famous, discovering amazing things,

but little do I care,

e, none of which was attained, does not matter, as true love, remains.

for in you I have my best friend and as such am beyond the wealth of kings.

You are the wish I have been making for the whole of my life.

And you, you beautiful woman, are my soulmate, my best friend, my lover,

and now, my wife.


Love isn’t like it is in books.  

(And ain’t that the truth?!)

It’s not all romance, roses and longing, wistful looks.

The reality seems to be more picking dirty socks up from the floor

Fuzzy-brained fights at midnight over trivial things;

who used the last of the milk, who should put out the bins.

Bleary eyed mornings with our children trampling on our bed,

When we are sleep-starved and have aching heads.

Trying to balance the books and learning to cook.

Shopping trips to Asda planned with military precision.

Piling up the car with provisions, getting stranded abroad.

Daily life can sometimes seem like such a mission.

You drive me mad, sometimes.

I am sure I do you too.

Sometimes it is an endless circus,

Trying to keep all the plates in the air.

And sometimes I am so exhausted, it feels like I can’t do it.

But as we muddle through together.

Encountering storms I am sure I cannot weather,

When I cannot see anything clear,

I hold out my hand and you are there.

And I know that no matter how much you drive me round the bend,

I want to grow old with you because, you are my best friend.

You make me want to be a better person, you make me howl with laugher.

You bring such joy to our son and daughter.

There is nobody with whom I would rather be.

I don’t always say I love you.

But please, as we travel through the years together,

When I am too stressed or tired to say the words,

Remember today as we become husband and wife that,  

To me, you mean the world.

It has always been you and me.

Through good times and bad, you are the love of my life.

Perhaps I was wrong and the old romances are all true.

Maybe we do all get our happy endings at last.

After all,

I found you.


The man who wanted to be a pop star.

Now pops the albums of other best-selling artists on the shelf of a store.

The woman who dreamed of being a model, now merely expresses model behaviour in her academic career.

Who would have thought you, me and all our dreams would have been defined, not by concerts and fashion shoots, but by alarm clocks and duties involving replenishing stock.

Lucky then, that throughout the days of seemingly endless work, the shopkeeper and the writer, whose careers they would not describe as perfect,

are able to go home to each other, and realise that the one person they would apply that word to, is standing before them, and that, suddenly, the fame, fortune and dashed dreams matter no more.

For true love remains.


While the landscape has changed and planes now fly overhead.

We will not forget the sacrifice you made.

Soldiers: forever young, forever brave.

Silenced by death.

Who laid down their lives in Flanders Fields

Countless raindrops have fallen since then,

but it has not made us forget,

despite the passing of the years,

tears are still wept, falling like the rain.

Those who thought the war they fought

would be the war to end all wars.

United in their vision to protect the nation.

Selfless acts indeed.

Whose journey ended in Flanders Fields.

Today, a new generation stand with the people of the years gone by.

To pay their respects to the men who perhaps found peace,

comforted that they did not die in vain, but battled on

for a new generation so they could be free and live in peace again.

With the poppy still burning red;

a lasting reminder to all

of the courage, kindness and bravery of the men who gave their all.

Words cannot portray the gratitude we have for the men of yesterday.

The poppy’s message is quite clear when worn,

and speaks more proficiently than any words could say.

The silence on the eleventh hour,

pays tribute and calls out across the years

back to those fields, where the wind softly whistles, with a message to impart.

So the men who fell in battle may rest peacefully at last

for the generations are united – time and age depart.

The message from the new generation is ‘

“thank you”.

“Thank you with all our hearts.”